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Free Email Challenge to Improve Your Marriage in 14 Days

Valentine’s Day is a litmus test, isn’t it?

If mention of the “month of love” fills you with more “ugh” than “wahoo,” and you are motivated to do something about it, this email-based challenge is for you. 

From February 1st until Valentine’s Day itself, I will send you 14 brief emails that will inspire you to do things differently in your marriage. 

Here’s what you can expect:
  • No fluff - Actionable steps developed to change your marriage every day.
  • Skip the books - Cliffs Note-wisdom from several relational experts - skip the books.
  • You’re not alone - Closed Facebook group for Q&A and positive community -
  • Access options - Watch or read your email challenge.
When I first started conceptualizing and writing this challenge, I experienced a lot of anxiety about not being “qualified” enough to share what I have learned about loving my family well. And truly, beyond my personal experiences - which admittedly have been vast and varied - I’m not qualified. 

But the people I’ve learned from are.

The challenge includes information by and inspiration from the following experts:
  • Dr. Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages
  • Danny Silk, Keep Your Love On
  • Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, Love and Respect
  • Allison Armstrong, The Queen’s Code
  • And the ultimate relational expert, Jesus
Are you ready to experiment with how you do things to improve your marriage in 14 days? Join us!
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